IFRS Consulting

IFRS Consulting

Believe it or not, IFRS has come to stay; therefore, more and more businesses are adopting IFRS reporting!  The most recent adoption being from automobile giant Ford Motor Co. and we know that more multinational corporations are at different stages of adoption.  The transition process appears very tasking to those who are unfamiliar – but not with Aryee Accounting & Tax.  We have had a thorough in-depth training under IFRS, IAS, IAASB and GAAP.  In short, we possess the financial bilingual expertise and experience to lead and guide you through it.  

Our IFRS services are carefully structured to meet your exact needs while following all regulatory guidelines.  Our team stands ready to help you take this very important strategic step to future proof your business.  Give us a call today for more details.
Our IFRS conversion process is broken down into three phases:
•    Phase 1: Impact Assessment
•    Phase 2: Implementation
•    Phase 3: Post Implementation Review

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