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No Credit Card Needed for a 60 Day FREE Trial

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Expand the lists on the right of the screen and then compare the features available in our all-inclusive plan to any other professional design firm and you will quickly see how highly cost-effective our complete website service is.

Simply put, we only have one plan... it includes everything we offer and is only


OK... Full Disclosure:

There is a $99 setup charge, but that is one time and only if you choose to subscribe after the 60 Day FREE Trial. Further, if you are an IPBC member, we will discount the monthly rate to $45.99 and reduce the setup fee by 50%.

If you have additional domain names, we do charge you an annual fee to manage them on your behalf. We will, however, renew them at our cost and point them to your website and handle any administrative chores. The amount per year depends on what type of domain it is, and the number of domains you have.

We also have to charge you either HST or GST, depending on the province you are in.

Read about our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy so you are fully informed.

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